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June Bank Holiday

June Bank Holiday 2018 and 2019

The June Bank Holiday comes on the first Monday of the month of June. It originally came on the day after Pentecost Sunday and was known as Pentecost or “Whit” Monday. The basic holiday was instituted under the Bank Holidays Act of 1871, while changes were made under the Holidays Act of 1973.

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As the summer weather is particularly mild and pleasant during the month of June in Ireland, the June Bank Holiday is used by many to get outside, go on picnics, attend open air concerts, go on family camping trips, go sailing, or even just walk in the country or a city park.

Others attend art, music, or cultural festivals, attend farm or garden shows, or spend their time at various sports matches. Some do more than just a “day tour” and actually go on short vacations over the weekend, be it in Ireland or abroad.

Many government and business operations close down on June Bank Holiday, and the atmosphere tends to be quiet and peaceful. But you will still find many retail outlets open.