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Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day 2025 and 2026

Ireland observes Mother’s Day on the fourth Sunday of the Lenten season, which is three weeks before Easter Sunday.

202530 MarSunMother's Day
202615 MarSunMother's Day
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In past centuries the day was known as “Mid-Lent Sunday” and the focus for people was on returning to their “mother church” where they were baptised as a child. However, after World War II the date of this religious observance and the current Mother’s Day focus essentially merged in Ireland and much of Europe. Today the focus of Mother’s Day in Ireland is much the same as elsewhere in the world – celebrating Mums and grandmothers with gifts, flowers and special meals.

Traditionally, people would attend the church they attended during their childhood years, along with Mum and other family members. That practice isn’t as common these days, however. Instead, families who go to church may attend their usual church and then gather as a family at home afterward to celebrate Mum. Of course, a large proportion of people in Ireland don’t attend church at all, so the focus of Mother’s Day is all on their Mum without the religious components.

Previous Years

202410 MarSunMother's Day
202319 MarSunMother's Day