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Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day 2021, 2022 and 2023

Ireland observes Mother’s Day on the fourth Sunday of the Lenten season, which is three weeks before Easter Sunday. It is most commonly referred to as “Mothering Sunday”.

202114 MarSunMother's Day
202227 MarSunMother's Day
202319 MarSunMother's Day
202410 MarSunMother's Day
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Traditionally, people would attend the church they attended during their childhood years, along with Mum and other family members. That practice isn’t as common these days, however.

Instead, families who go to church may attend their usual church and then gather as a family at home afterward to celebrate Mum. Of course, a large proportion of people in Ireland don’t attend church at all, so the focus of Mother’s Day is all on their Mum without the religious components.

Mothering Sunday actually predates Mother’s Day, but after World War II, the two holidays essentially merged in Ireland and much of Europe. Traditions from both sources were combined, even though the term “Mothering Sunday” is still generally retained in Ireland.

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202022 MarSunMother's Day
201931 MarSunMother's Day